About Us

Learn about our vision, mission, values, and the dedicated individuals who drive our vision forward. Explore the rich tapestry of our story, and understand the profound impact we aim to make on the lives of young people. Join us on this enlightening exploration of our purpose and passion.

Vision and Mission

Explore our vision for the future and our unwavering mission to make a positive impact on the world. Delve into the core values that guide us on this remarkable journey. Learn how we’re dedicated to shaping a brighter tomorrow through faith, purpose, and commitment.

Our Team

Discover the dedicated individuals driving our mission forward. Get to know the passionate and talented team behind the Paul-Timothy Leadership Network, committed to empowering youth through faith and discipleship.


Discover the locations where our mission comes to life. From our headquarters in Maryland, USA, to our vibrant presence in Ghana, explore the places where we work tirelessly to bring faith and hope to young hearts. Learn more about each of our offices and the incredible teams that drive our mission forward.